2021-22 Dress Code

Dress code will be monitored each morning as students enter the building by the administration at entrance doors and by teachers near their classrooms. Teachers will monitor throughout the day and correct students any time a violation is observed.

TOPS: Any text or imagery on the clothing must adhere to the school expectations for appropriate content. No alcohol references, drugs or drug paraphernalia, promotion of violence against others, or promotion of sexual acts are permitted. All tops must fully cover the shoulder and must meet the top of pants (with arms raised). Hoodies may be worn during the day, but the hood must remain off the head. Large coats should be kept in lockers.

BOTTOMS: Bottoms must be worn at the waist, and shorts or skirts must extend to the fingertips when the arm is straight at the side. Blue jeans are acceptable, but must not have holes, tears, or cuts in inappropriate areas. Tights, leggings, and the like worn as the sole bottom garment are not allowed.

SHOES: Shoes must always be properly laced or fastened. Shoes must be fastened to the back of foot. House slippers/shower shoes/flip flops/athletic sandals are not permitted.

Head coverings/bandanas are not permitted in the building (except for religious purposes).

Parents should verify that children are dressed according to school policy.