Dr. Hammond’s Blue Jay Lineup for 3/1/15

It’s hard to believe it’s March already. This month, we will focus on the IB Learner Profile: Open-Minded. We will see how exploring all sides of issues builds greater understanding and respect.
This Thursday is the Nashville Lantern Festival and Parade! This event has been in the making for quite a while,  with families from Eakin, Sylvan Park, and West End crafting unique lanterns for the last several weeks. Come show off your creation! There is still plenty of time to put one together this week. We hope to have a huge turnout. There will be food and music. The Metro Arts Commission has sponsored this event, and our entire community is invited.
The 8th grade will take their TCAP writing assessment this week, and they have their TPAC field trip this Thursday.
Many projects from the West End Project Expo will be on exhibition at the MNPS Project Expo this Thursday at Trevecca. We wish our student presenters good luck!
Make sure you take advantage of free tutoring this week on Wed. morning at 7:45. The 3rd quarter is winding down, and TCAP season is approaching.
Friday at 9:25 is DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) across Nashville. We encourage everyone in our community to participate with us to promote reading.