Dr. Hammond’s Blue Jay Lineup for Week of 4/26/2015

It’s finally here – TCAP 2015! We are very proud of our students and our¬†incredible effort building up to this week. Our themed dress days for testing (which we will do within SSA) are Be Extraordinary Tuesday (wear Be Extraordinary shirts), Good Luck Chuck Wednesday (wear Chuck Taylor shoes), and We’re Golden Thursday (wear yellow/gold collared shirts, socks, or shoes). Big Bluey, our new school mascot, will make his debut Monday to pump up and encourage students.
Please have students keep their cell phones at home¬†Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If students do bring them, we will be requiring them to keep them in their lockers. We ask that families try hard to avoid any absences this week. If you must be absent, an excuse note must be provided, and only in cases of excused absence will students be allowed to make up the TCAP test so as not to negatively effect the student’s grade.
We have planned a fantastic May in which students will be engaged in project-based learning that will conclude with parent/community presentations and rigorous reading and writing practices aligned with next year’s TN standards and assessments. May is a great opportunity to begin covering the next grade-level’s standards to maximize our time and learning with our students! Students should expect to work hard through the end of May. Of course, we will have some end-of-the-year fun activities along the way.