8/14/2018 PTSO Meeting Agenda

Agenda for West End meeting 8/14/18. Next PTSO meetings 9/11, 10/9, 11/13 and 12/11.
1. Welcome and introduction of Board Members.
2. Dr. Young Update (10 minutes)
*New HOUSE behavior incentive program
*New Computer Programs: LiveSchool, Schoology
*Morning Mile – Sign up on the volunteer sheet.
3. Grade Level Teacher Updates (10 minutes)
4. Parent Question and Answer Session (20 minutes) – Time for you to ask your questions and the Principal, Teachers and PTSO will do their best to answer them. Please keep questions brief so we can fit a lot in. Thanks!
5. President’s Update. (10 minutes)
*Great start to the year – thank you all!
*Building Community – why your participation makes West End a better place.
*Our Glossary – Learning how West End works.
*Putting the “S” in PTSO
*Playground painting and pavilion. Updates.
*Two Votes: 1) Elect new Treasurer, Erin Morrison to Executive Board. 2) Repurpose previously granted $700 for counselors to spend on “Trauma Boxes” instead of a year-end celebration.
5. Vice President Update (5 minute)
*Community Outreach.
*Food Pantry – See Joan after the meeting to get involved!
6. Student Update (Coming Soon!)
7. VP Fundraising Update. (5 minutes)
*Movies in the Park parking was a big success – we raised over $2000!
*Stay tuned for Invest in Your Child
*Soon you will be seeing more about retail partners like Publix, Amazon Smile and BoxTops
*We are moving our auction to February – See Judy and Nikki after the meeting if you want to get involved!
8. VP Communication Update (5 minutes)
*How to get and stay connected
*Keep up with the calendar! (Hint: its on our website.)
*Social Media – follow us!
9. Internal affairs Update (5 minutes)
*Teacher Appreciation
*Mentoring – See Catherine after the meeting to get involved.
10. Treasurer Update (5 minutes)
7:15 Adjourn! A Group will stay after the meeting for 15 minutes if you have one-on-one questions or just want to spend a minute visiting with other parents.