Toppings & Supplies Needed for Ice Cream Incentive Day

Our next Incentive Day for students with good behavior is this Friday, September 14. The school is providing ice cream and our community partners are providing the volunteer scoopers/servers; we just need to help out with the TOPPINGS and supplies. For toppings, we need sprinkles, plain M&Ms (no peanuts), maraschino cherries, and spray whipped cream. For serving items, we need paper bowls, plastic spoons, paper towels, and hand/baby wipes. Please sign up here. Everything except the whipped cream can be dropped off in the office any time before Friday; all items must be received by 10 AM on Friday.
And speaking of volunteers, so far this year you have stuffed first day folders, cleaned the food pantry, filled 1500 water balloons, helped with school pictures, and so much more. THANK YOU ALL! This is what community looks like!