Picture Day Is Coming! Parent Helpers Needed

A photographer will be at school this week to take student portraits for the yearbook (and optionally for purchase). As you can imagine, picture day will be a little different this year. Read on for details.

All photos will be taken outside.

There will actually be two picture days. Weather permitting, in-person learners will have their pictures taken during the school day on Tuesday, March 30. Photos for remote learners and makeups for in-person students will be taken on Saturday, April 3, from 10 AM to noon (again, weather permitting; students will not be allowed inside the building).

In the past, eighth graders have been photographed wearing a tuxedo or formal drape provided by the photographer. That will not be possible this year, so eighth graders should wear (or change into) formal wear.

Your student can still be in the yearbook even if they don’t have their picture taken next week at school. Student portraits can be submitted via the online form linked below (we’ve already received some great ones!).


One thing that hasn’t changed about picture day is the need for parent volunteers to assist Mr. Clark and the photographer (it’s a lot of fun and the time goes by fast!). Click below to sign up for a shift.