Proposed Revision of PTSO Bylaws

MNPS requires all school support organizations to develop and maintain bylaws that address, among other things, the organization’s fiscal year, rules of membership, organizational structure, and method used to elect officers. MNPS has instituted a number of new requirements for approved school support organizations since our current bylaws went into effect in January, 2009. The PTSO executive board’s review of our current bylaws this spring led to the conclusion that a revision is appropriate at this time. Many of the changes being proposed are necessary to bring the bylaws into alignment with district guidelines. The board has also attempted to clarify certain policies and procedures, adding detail in some instances and removing outdated or unnecessary language in others, to create a document that provides a strong foundation for the future.

We encourage all members of our school community to review the proposed revisions before the discussion and vote at the May 11 PTSO meeting. Any questions or comments may be emailed to or brought before the membership on May 11.

Click here to read the current bylaws.

Click here to read the proposed revision.