No School on Friday for Parent Conference Day

This Friday, October 29, is parent-teacher conference day. Conferences will be conducted with a group of teachers and have a duration of 10 minutes. If a longer discussion is required, please talk with your grade level teachers to set a time for that meeting. There are virtual and in-person options. Generally, the morning slots (9 AM to noon) are in-person and the afternoon slots (1-4:00 PM) are virtual, but some teams have different patterns. If you have any questions about the format or length of the meeting, reach out to your grade level lead and they will make sure it is clear.

If you would like to talk with your ASL, Multimedia, PE, AVID, or band teacher, send them an email with your grade level meeting time so they know when to join your group.

Sign up for your times below:

8th Grade: Team Lead, Dr. McConeghey:

Sign-up Conference Form

7th Grade: Team Lead, Ms. Wilson:

Sign-up Conference Form

6th Grade: Team Lead, Mr. Walls:

Sign-up Conference Form

5th Grade: Team Lead, Ms. Cecil:

Sign-up Conference Forms: DeGuira/Strong Team , Cecil/Foster/Holloway Team

Related Arts: Team Lead (Band), Ms. Jolly:

ASL, Mr. Lederach:

AVID, Mr. Covington:

Computers, Mr. Clark:

P.E., Ms. Miller: